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(Last Updated On: August 31, 2020)

Speedaire compressor is a brand by Grainger Company and the only that they manufactured for their distribution. So, speed compressor is sold under their brand, however, over the years, it has been manufactured by different companies. 

This company Grainger has been in the speedaire business for over 30 years. Therefore, those who own the older type of speedaire compressor may find it tough securing spare parts that fail to function. 

Speedaire air compressor Parts

For speedaire compressor, its common type air compressor as only 2 to 3 decades was it a household name, especially in the automotive industry.

The device helps fix air for your car tire, staple guns, and many other power gadgets.

So, the machine comes handy around your workshop more so the portable type. 

However, the wear and tear to this compressor is inevitable despite their seemingly simple engineering process.

Most speedaire compressor owner’s panic when some parts of the device fail to deliver. Nonetheless, let’s see how to fix the parts issue you may be experiencing. 


Confusion about Speedaire Compressor Parts

Speedaire compressor is managed by Grainger, but the problem is some confuse with the one under Dayton Company. The type of compressor that Dayton deals with is a different product although under Grainger, but chiefly has to do with motor and pumps. 

Here is the simple way to deal with the confusion of the two. First, you should understand there are:

At any given time you realize the problem with your compressor has to do with the motor, go to Dayton for a compatible part. On the other hand, if your compressor has any issue apart from that of motor, go to Grainger. However, it is advisable to always to exhaust with Grainger Company first before thinking of plan B.


Understand Your Compressor

Before you conclude that your speedaire compressor is faulty, learn simple troubleshooting steps. Probably, you may realize the problem you thought was the cause interfering with the normal function isn’t. And could be something small you can fix. 

speedaire parts

If you are not confident enough about the process, follow the DIY from the compressor manual. You could also liaise with experts from the shop you bought it for guidance on troubleshooting part. When you go to many speedaire compressor experts some of the areas they suspect especially if even you have no idea are:

  • The compressor Head
  • Pressure Switch
  • Compressor Motor
  • Piston Housing
  • Starter
  • Unloader Valve

In case your compressor breaks down to check these common parts that wear down most of the time. Unless you find them to be healthy and functional, only is it advisable to proceed to look to other areas that may lead to compressor failure to work.


Common Speedaire Compressor Problematic Parts

Pressure Regulator – For this air, compressor part helps to display, read, and maintains the air pressure and to function it works in combination with other parts, namely: the oil level and the tank gauge. The oil level as the name suggests measures the level of compressor oil, while the tank gauge measures the pressure level that is inside. 

Manual Thermal Overload Control – The work of this part is to override the controls once the compressor overheats or shows signs of overheating. The moment it is activated, there is no way you can turn the air compressor on until it sufficiently cools down. 

Safety Relief Valve – The common issue with this part is clogging/ corrosion. It is one essential part of the compressor that is responsible for pushing excess air out of the device to avoid it getting damaged. 


How to Find Speed Compressor Spare Parts

Although luckily you may find spare parts you are looking from other places, Grainger has every solution you are looking for. Some owners of the older speedaire compressor claim there are those parts that are interchangeable. In this scenario, it is possible getting the same part from another compressor of the same model.

speedaire compressor parts kit

However, it would be tricky getting another part especially from the new model which is compatible 100%. In case that happens, you need to test and see the functionality part whether it delivers normally the same with the faulty part. 

But to be on the safe side, buy from the brand owner; look for your part with Grainger. The company supports its products and they have a wide range of dealer’s connection around the globe who understands how to fix any compressor part. 

For you to get a speedy result, when you identify the area with the problem, be equipped with all the information needed before going for a search. You should look for nameplate at your speedaire compressor to get the model number, make, and the stock number (5-digit sequence). 

If the display on your nameplate is not clear, check the receipt you were given when buying or the compressor manual. So, if you are lacking some part of your old speedaire compressor these are the places to check

  1. Grainger Support can help you identify your problem. Here is the support line number you can contact 24-hrs 7 days a week(1-800-472-4643) 
  2. Campbell Hausfeld is a renowned company that has supplied compressors to other companies for years, so it’s good you also check with them. You can contact their support to ask for the part you are looking for (1-800-543-6400)
  3. Sharing your information and the exact part of your old speedaire compressor on various forums on the web, you can get speedy help from users who probably had a similar problem as you.

For information on getting Speedaire parts, even for older units, the best way to get parts is at your local shop. In fact, you may not be able to find the specific Speedaire part you need and therefore may need to purchase a generic part. In any case, see some of the most popular replacement Speedaire compressor parts listed below. These parts are all available on Amazon.


Speedaire Parts On Amazon

1. SPEEDAIRE Auto Drain Valve 100-120V 1/4 in.

2.Speedaire, 2TEH4, Air Gun, Aluminum/Black, 120 psi, 29-1/2 L

3. Speedaire 2TEH3 Air Gun, Pistol, 17.5 OAL, Aluminum Body

4. SPEEDAIRE 4ZK91 Filter/Regulator 120 cfm 150psi

5. Speedaire Pressure Switch – PN22N074G

6. SPEEDAIRE 4ZL01 Pneumatic Filter Regulator 1/2IN 150PSI 212CFM

7.Speedaire, 5YCZ5, Air Cylinder, 2.88 in. L, Stainless Steel

8. Air Regulator, 1/2 in NPT, 220 cfm, 300 psi

9. Cylinder Repair Kit 1-1/8 in Bore

10. Speedaire Mounting Hdw Rod Clevis 4 in Bore


Speedaire Compressor Maintenance

The older version of speedaire compressor was made to last owners for a long time and some have that are over 40 years. Therefore, rather than assume all things are faulty when it fails to work, identify the specific area and search for that specific item. 

You can save a lot of money as the compressor parts are not pricey. So, to have your compressor provide you with good service without breaking down, plan a regular maintenance schedule. Most important is making sure it has oil and fresh one.  

As you can see some of the companies mentioned above, such as Grainger have compressor parts of models old as 10 to 20 years ago. Therefore, fret not when your compressor starts to misbehave.



Older Speedaire compressor is a dependable machine that is worth maintaining. The reason you need your old compressor part means it was giving you great services.

 Therefore, buying a new compressor is not an option and keeping your old one in good condition can give you services for a very long time. Experts will recommend speedaire compressor for it is durable than the newest machines.

Speedaire compressor tips are posted on this site regularly. Information about items that I have heard about or learned about Speedaire air compressors over the years I’ve been involved with fluid power are regularly shared.

Speedaire-Model-3Z497 Speedaire compressor tips www.understanding-air-compressors.com
Speedaire Model-3Z497

As the Speedaire compressor tips arrive, even sometimes on other pages on this site, they will be added here to provide one location that has a number, a resource library for Speedaire compressor owners, in time.

Source for Speedaire compressor parts:

  • Recently I was advised that Campbell Hausfeld stocks parts for older Speedaire air compressors. One model that was of interest to the reader was the Speedaire model 3Z series. To find parts, contact Campbell Hausfeld here:  www.chpower.com.  Make sure you have all the I.D. information from your compressor, complete model number, as well as motor information (on the motor panel) including HP etc.

Of course, if you have a tip about your Speedaire air compressor or your use of yours, adding it here would be a help for other users of the same model of Speedaire air compressor.

Hello, I am Bill, the Compressed-Air-Man. I have years of experience in industrial and residential compressed air applications, air compressors and general pneumatics. I created this site to help professionals, students, and DIYers understand and properly implement and maintain compress3ed air systems.


  1. Some good basic info here. I have worked using Speedaire compressors and have worked on both industrial Speedaire units as well as two of my own. It is possible for a motor on a unit to be replaced with a different brand or even different horsepower. I had a customer bring me a Speedaire unit that had a pump that was designed for a 3 hp electric motor with an rpm of about 2750 with a 2.5” pulley on a 5/8” shaft. The motor burned out and he had an old motor laying around that would mount to the top of the horizontal tank. The pulley on it was 5” and the rpm was about 3250 which combined for an increased speed on the pump that was too much for it to take. When I attempted to dismantle the pump I was not able to slide anything off and I was not able to rotate the pump at all initially. It turned out the piston fused to the cylinder wall due to excessive heat/ friction from the increased speed placed on the pump. I ordered a generic pump for him designed to handle the specifications of his drive Unit and made all the necessary mods to the piping and replaced the check valve plus added another supply line off the opposing side of the tank for him that he wanted.
    I told him to make sure his oil stayed clean and to properly maintain his air filters and it should serve his needs for many years but most of all do not replace a motor with one that does not have the exact same specs and same size pulley. After he and his two friends got it loaded on his trailer and back to his shop and hooked back up he called me and said that it was working better than ever and it was quieter than ever. I charged him $114.00 for labor and the parts I sold at cost so he got a pretty good deal along with a lesson on making quick fixes to get a compressor going again. If he had consulted me I would’ve made sure the compressor pump did not operate beyond it’s safe speed. The generic pump was about $175 out the door and the check valve was less than $5.

  2. I have a Speedaire 3Z355H compresser. It works find, but recently started leaking air at the regulator. The part number for the manifold is CV219403AJ, but nobody seems to have it in stock.
    The center pressure knob on the regulator seems to be leaking….it has a threaded rod inside that screws down into the manifold. As I turn it, it leaks more or less, depending on how far I turn it. If I turn it clockwise, which I believe increases the pressure, it gets worse when I get it to the end (bottomed out). Under the knob is a plug of sort, that has a hex top. I started to loosen it, thinking maybe I can try a new O-ring. Air comes out really fast when I loosen a little.
    Do you know if some of these parts are rebuildable with generic parts such as o-rings? or is there a diaphragn or such factory part that could be the problem, and is not replaceable!
    This has been such a good compressor, and puts out more pressure than the current ones in this size. I just need it occasionally in my garage at home for tires, blowing off parts, etc. I don’t want to buy a new one.
    Sure would appreciate it if you could give me some tips, here….thanks!

    • With the cover of the regulator gauge assembly removed, as you have already done, you should note that the manifold is a series of fittings. By that, I mean, the form and function of the manifold can be duplicated, often with off the shelf brass fittings from a good plumbing wholesaler. Your only option, as I see it, is to acquire sufficient fittings to build a manifold, containing an new general purpose regulator as the core, thus resolving your failing regulator problem. I know of no source to get parts for these low cost regulators.

    • If you are talking about the air intake filter, visit any compressor store that sells intake filters, and find one that will fit the port on your Speedaire compressor. I expect that’ll do just fine.

    • The first stop is to contact Grainger as Speedaire is their house brand and they may still offer repair kits. Depending on what you intend to rebuild, I just did a search for a Speedaire 2Z499A air compressor and found a number of sources for parts.

      Some of the rebuilding will require OEM parts that are sized for this compressor. Other parts that are not OEM can be used sometimes as well, depending, again, on what you are changing out.

      The valves are proprietary, though some folks have built their own. Same for the gaskets. About-air-compressors.com has a lot of info available about Speedaire air compressors.

  3. I have a whole unit speedaire 2z499b.

    the head is no good. the rest is in great shape.

    im willing to trade or sell.

    albertbklyn at gmail

    • Chris, I was unable to find any information on your 2z880a compressor. That it’s a 12 volt unit though suggests that it may have been designed as a tire-pump compressor, or one to fill up basketballs etc.

      Without knowing the specifications, (pressure output and flow) I cannot say what other uses it may have.

      If it is a compressor for filling tires etc., as to value, new, maybe $15???


    • Drew, did you ever locate a parts listing for your compressor? I just ended up with the same model and there is very little information online about it.


  4. I am trying to find parts and visual manual to help identify parts for a speedaire model 3Z406E. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated.Thanks Clyde

    • Shiv, it isn’t necessary to purchase a Speedaire gauge to replace that brand on your air compressor. You simply need to buy one that is the same size (liikely 1 1/2″ in diameter) with either a back mount or bottom mount that is the same as yours, and one that offers the same (or close) pressure range.

      Here is much more information about air gauges. Just click the link to Gauges.

  5. where can i get o-rings & gaskets for a speedaire by dayton electric portable compressor model # 3z921a
    your assistance would be very helpful

    thank you steve

    Steve, your first stop is Speedaire. Go to http://www.about-air-compressors.com and click on the Speedaire link for help in finding your nearest Speedaire source.

    If that doesn’t help, on the same website, click on Troubleshooting, and follow the link to “I need parts” page, where you can post your details for someone to help if they can.



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