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Hi. My name is Julian Howard, the Compressedairman. Thank you for looking at my site about air compressors. We cover all types from portable air compressors, home use air compressors and industrial air compressors. Everything you need to know about air compressors right here.

Here at Understanding Air Compressors, we bring you guidance on air compressors and compressed air use.

The pages here allow more scope for in-depth compressor information, types of compressors, troubleshooting compressors, general compressor knowledge and more. We look topics such as how much oil does an air compressor need, and why my air compressor will not shut off.

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Since 2007 this has been a blog site dedicated to providing information about air compressors. This site is now being turned into a website with more useful links and longer, more informative articles to help you find the information about your air compressor that you are looking for.

The pages linked from the left nav bar provide access to the many informative articles about air compressors on this site, and the archive located at the bottom of the left navigation bar is your entry to the hundreds of blog articles that have been published over the years.

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-UAC Team