What Is A Load Genie?

load genie
(Last Updated On: September 19, 2020)

Recently, a visitor asked about what is a load genie and how are they used.

I knew they were used to help reduce the startup load on an air compressor electric motor. But then, many compressors came with an unloader valve that did just that.

I did a bit of research, and then went right to the source, the manufacturer.

I asked, “Recently I have had requests from visitors about using your Load Genie product. I have scoured your website and can find general info. My visitors would like in-depth information on this product, in particular, when to use it, does it replace existing pressure switches, unloader valves and check valves, how the Load Genie is installed, and what can you remove from the compressor circuit if you install a Load Genie?”


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Milton Industries Load Genie
Photo: http://www.miltonindustries.com

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I told them I would be very happy to post any information about the load genie they might be able to provide, and give attribution and a link back to your site, if you can provide me info.

I heard back from Steven Goldish, the Director of Marketing for Milton Industries, the manufacturer of the Load Genie. He provided this; ” A Load Genie replaces the tank check valve and unloader valve only.

It is for use when a pressure switch does not have an unloader valve.

All compressors should have an unloader valve on them. This prolongs the life of the compressor. The load Genie should be installed in place of the tank check valve.”

Load Genie Unloader Check Valve

The catalog page says… “A load genie is a combination un-loader and check valve. Unloads discharge manifold in either vertical or horizontal position of any compressor when compressor cycles and flow stops. Efficient, quiet, economical and eliminates tubing/fittings of conventional pressure switch unloader.”

Steven’s response does suggest that you do not need a Load Genie if your pressure switch already operates an unloader valve, and, adding a Load Genie to a compressor that has a functioning unloader valve is a waste of time and money.

Load Genie specifications:

Milton S-1097-6 1/4″ MNPT x 3/8″ OD Load Genie

  • Part #: 1097-6
  • 3/8″ Male national pipe thread
  • Maximum working pressure of 250 pounds per square inch
  • Maximum recommended temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Air flow range of 1-6 standard cubic feet per minute

You can find lots of load genies on Amazon. for instance the brass load genie unloading check valve below which you can also find here.

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  1. Thanks for tutorial, Bill I’m looking into adding one (after I knew they existed) because my compressor does not have an unloader, as a result it’s hard starting especially in the cold and it lives in its own shed outside of the shop.


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