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(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

Question: I have an older compressor # 5F212.  I need air valves in the compressor head.  The parts people say this one is discontinued.  Can I get these valves from another compress’s part list or is there a sub??
Good question.

There are so many manufacturers (or should I say suppliers ) of air compressors, finding parts for current, let alone older models, is always an issue.

You don’t indicate the manufacturer of your compressor, but it seems clear that you have contacted them, and they can’t help.

fix old compressor

If you have torn down the compressor and have the parts, find a local compressor repair shop and take the broken part to them. They may be able to provide a like part, or advise a source.

If the compressor is valuable enough, a local machine shop can make the part for you. That will be expensive, but if the compressor is worth it, that may be the way to go. I don’t have a ready source for older compressor parts…sorry about that. If any visitor knows of a source for older compressor parts, please post it.


Used Compressors and Used Parts

While I’ve addressed the issue of asking for parts. Another thought crossed my mind (a rarity) and I wondered if folks would like to have a sort of clearing house for used compressors?

The idea is that if someone has a compressor that isn’t working, maybe they would like to sell if for parts. Or, if it’s working and they don’t want or need it anymore, then they can offer it up for sale.

By the same token, if someone is looking for a specific air compressor to purchase for parts, where do they go.

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