Sears Model 283-15066 Compressor

Sears 283 compressor
(Last Updated On: August 28, 2020)


I have a Sears model 283-15066 compressor…and cannot find any information about it. Do you know a source, or mfg?  Is there an online source for the manual?

I am wanting to use it as a source for an airbrush.



We answer…

Hey RT:

You’ve fallen into the inadvertent “trap” that many DIY type compressor owners have. You have purchased a “house brand” compressor.

The thing about house brand compressors is that it’s almost impossible to find out who the original manufacturer was, and therefore, almost impossible to get maintenance manuals and spare parts for older units.

It seems that every year or two that selling company has another source for their house brand compressors, meaning that employees of that store today don’t have any idea who it was that manufactured your compressor “way back when”.

This site, available here, provides a wealth of information about Sears compressors so if you are desperate go and have a look. If not, check out the new compressor below by clicking on it.

There are a number of critical questions that you need to ask your compressor vendor before deciding to buy their compressor.

One of those is, “who fixes my compressor after the warranty period has run out?”.

So, in your case, go to Sears, and ask them, who is it that fixes their house brand compressor when it’s under warranty.

Contact that company to find out where to get information and parts for your compressor. With any luck they can help.



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  1. I have a model 283,150571 air compressor by craftsman. Looking for information about it. Can you help. Thanks

    • Well Nelson, this is a 1/2 HP compressor that was originally sold with a paint sprayer, I believe. A 1/2 HP compressor can typically generated 1-3 CFM of air output at 90 PSI. Parts are in short supply, though Sears Parts Direct offers some. What specific information are you looking for?

        • This seems to be a fairly old Sears compressor, and it’s always difficult to find info on old models, for the reasons outlined in my previous comment. I’ve wandered the web and found a small image of this 1/4 HP air compressor. At 1/4 HP this compressor will provide only a small flow of usable air at 90 PSI, maybe 1 CFM or thereabouts. It’s use would typically be inflating tires, footballs etc, with perhaps, with a small blowgun attachment, blowing wood chips off of woodworking tools. As to instructions, I’m not quite sure what you are looking for, and as for repairing it, I suspect if you could find parts their cost would exceed the cost of a new, small, DIY air compressor available from a host of big box stores for well under $99.

    • It looks just like my Thomas model 1020 air compressor. I would bet they made it for Sears. It also has been discontinued but you can still find info on it.


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