Air Compressor Oil Is Black – What Should I Do?

air compressor oil is black
(Last Updated On: August 31, 2020)

Issue: Compressor oil is black and after opening it, the con rod and other components are completely shattered

My compressor worked well for two years. i then requested a service from our local compressor company. the technician told us that the fan belt is turning the wrong way round. He then changed the cables to fix this.

compressor oil is black

The next day my compressor stopped working, the oil is black and after opening it, the con rod and other components are completely shattered. please help me with some advice as to why this happened.


My, my, my. This is not good stuff. In good faith, I think it’s impossible to answer. Mine is an an eAdvice column providing general info about using compressed air for newbies and industrial pros.

In reversing the motor wiring the technician reversed the direction of the motor I would surmise, and this, in turn, reversed the operation of the compressor. In some cases, some reciprocating compressors, that might not matter. In yours, it apparently did.

I am also curious as to what prompted your request for compressor service in the first place? Must have been something going on with your compressor? Could that something have been the issue?

I share your frustration. Yet, there isn’t much I can do via email from North America with you being in another country. In your shoes, I’d be asking the technician’s boss to visit and explain to you what happened to your compressor and why it happened. A reputable company would do that. Good luck. I know other visitors will be interested in reading how this turned out, if you would care to post an update.

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