Compressed Air Regulators

compressed air regulators
(Last Updated On: October 2, 2020)

If your air circuit doesn’t have a regulator, or even a number of them, you should use them.

The air regulator can remove the air pressure wave caused by your compressor cycling on and off through it’s pressure range, by setting the regulator to a PSI that’s below the pressure level where the compressor cycles back on.

Using a regulator to keep the air pressure at it’s lowest possible setting for each air-consuming application, will allow you to extend the work performed by the very expensive-to-produce compressed air, as well.


I need a new compressed air regulator

Question: I need a pressure regulator (part #1000059) for a Task Force portable air compressor, item #77813. I can’t find one anywhere. Thanks.


Answer: While sometimes there may be a good reason for buying a specific brand of regulator (you like the manufacturer or it has proprietary hook up features that don’t fit anyone else’s FRL’s… to name a couple) the normal situation is that you can replace any regulator from any manufacturer with a similar one from another company.

General purpose regulators control air from 0 PSI through to 150 PSI or thereabouts, a high pressure setting that most folks won’t use. The norm for workshop and most plant air supplies is in the 90-120 PSI range.

compressed air regulator

How is your regulator attached? Odds are good that is threaded onto a nipple which, in turn, may be threaded into a filter.

What size of thread is this? If you aren’t sure, check out the NPT chart size chart on this page. Buy any general purpose regulator with the same size ports, and you can be fairly certain that it will work the same way as the one that you are trying to replace


Air Regulators To Save Energy

When you are using compressed air, whether in your home DIY shop or on the job in an industrial application, use the compressed air regulator to ‘dial down’ the air pressure to your device to the lowest pressure setting where it will work acceptably. This will save an enormous amount of energy and money.

The concept that compressed air is cheap is wrong. It’s one of the most expensive forms of energy, as the generating of compressed air is accomplished by converting and consuming another form of energy first.


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