Coalescent Filter for Air Brush Compressor

Coalescent Filter
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)


Basically, I have a airbrush compressor setup, built with an old fridge compressor and a modified propane tank. It’s all well and good except for an oil discharge problem.

A coalescent filter should solve that problem, but the only suitable model I found in a nearby shop is noted as “NOT suitable for flows less than 3.5 SCFM”.

I wondered what problems this might pose, since the airbrush barely demands 0,5  SCFM?

I also wondered if a 0,01 micron filter would be overkill, or if it would be even more suitable with regards to the low air flow ?

We answer…

Hello Pierre-Lucas;

Congrats on building your own air brush compressor. Not something that I’d undertake,  for sure.

You do need a coalescent filter to remove oil if oil is getting into the downstream air flow.

0.01 micron is the norm for coalescent filters that “coalesce” oil through adsorption.

If  Fairchild says their coalescent filter requires more than 3.5 CFM of compressed air flow, then it will not work in your application.

One company that does a good job with air preparation and, in particular, coalescent type filters is Norgren.

I see you are in Montreal. Norgren’s local distributor is Cowper Inc, located in Lachine, and their number is  (514)637-6746. Talk to them about getting the right coalescent filter for your application.



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