How To Calculate Compressed Air Cost In A Plant

calculate compressed air cost in a plant
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

Actually, we are running big operation  3 compressed with each 800cfm.In the production, we have alot af machine that using 6 bar ( 87psi) each . I want to know how to calculate the cost of each machine using 6 bar. How to calculate the 6 bar usage to the dollar.

We answer…

Hi Karthik:

In order to find out how much your compressed air is costing you, first you need to audit each compressed air using piece of equipment, then convert that compressed air consumption into dollars.

compressed air cost in a plant

This is time consuming, for sure.

If your equipment is using other than air cylinders, you’ll need to contact the suppliers of that equipment to find out the air consumption.

Doing a complete air audit is complex and time consuming. If you do one though, you will be amazed at just how much compressed air costs, and this will motivate you to take steps to conserve this expensive energy source.



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