Air Compressor Manufacturers..An Open Letter

air compressor manufacturers
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

In the next year, I estimate hundreds of visitors will visit these web pages looking for information and help about using and problem solving for their air compressors.

Many of their problems stem from owning or using air compressors that are purchased at big-box stores. When a problem with their air compressor occurs, and since so many of them are built to the cheapest possible standards, problems always occur, where do they turn?

Owners are hugely frustrated with not being able to find information, support or parts for their air compressors.

compressor manufacturers

If you need to better understand the problem (and this isn’t meant to be a slam at the persons, just the situation) go ahead and ask an ill trained, part-time, high school student earning peanuts as a clerk at a big box store why an air compressor won’t build pressure or, what part is needed to replace one that’s failed on an import air compressor. Nope, wouldn’t know, and even if they did, they wouldn’t have the parts available anyway. I have tested this. These store clerks want to help, but don’t have the necessary information available or the parts sources necessary.

I believe there is a groundswell of desire for a North American built and supported air compressor for the DIY market. Not the 5 HP and up compressor user, but the folks needing a small air compressor for the garage or basement workshop, one with a 120 Volt power supply.

So, Mr. Manufacturer, do you want to cash in on this?

Do you manufacture – no, not assemble from import parts – but actually manufacture a North American built air compressor?

This holds true for European manufacturers as well. Do you manufacture an air compressor almost-from-scratch? Then tell folks about it.

If you truly manufacture a North American or European air compressor, then post your message on the page linked below, along with any photos and data you wish. I will be proud to post your information.

That way,  many persons of the 3/4 million or so that visit this site in the next year, might be able to find you, and make a buying decision that’s best for themselves, and for the economy.

And folks, if you think it’s time to bring this industry home, I sure hope you will post your support below.

Hello, I am Bill, the Compressed-Air-Man. I have years of experience in industrial and residential compressed air applications, air compressors and general pneumatics. I created this site to help professionals, students, and DIYers understand and properly implement and maintain compress3ed air systems.


  1. YES!!!! Some real know how at the BBS(Big Box Stores) would be welcomed. Take some time and train someone. Even if it’s just one pro, I would be happy to wait my turn in line it would be better then some poor kid (or adult to be fair) struggling to find answers to my questions.

    Major ditto also on bringing manufacturing back to the USA but we got to remember why some manufactures jumped ship from the get go. Ridiculous rules and regulations that is almost impossible to keep up with and fines for not following those ridiculous regulations that borderline extortion and some other reasons which I will not get into as to not incite a flame war.

    I am in 100 percent agreement in your post


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