Do Not Buy Shroud Air Compressors

covered air compressor
(Last Updated On: September 3, 2020)

I wandered around a big box store last week (no need to identify which – they are all the same inside regardless of the name on the outside ) and as per usual, checked out what’s new in the air compressor department.

I see that some of the brands are using a different style of unloader valve than that which I am familiar, and I’ll be doing a page on that shortly.

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What really caught my attention though, was the number of DIY air compressors with the pump and accessories completely shrouded in a plastic covering. No easy access to anything that might need checking on the air compressor. Nothing. All parts completely covered.

shroud for air compressor

While the heat radiating fins should have some sort of warning to tell users that this part can become hot enough to burn skin, covering them is nonsensical in my view, as is shrouding the entire pump and access to the discharge plumbing, the regulator, the discharge coupler, the intake filter port etc.

Shrouds are for burying stuff, not to make an air compressor “slick looking” while at the same time rendering access to its wear parts almost impossible.

I don’t know which company started the trend, but it seems all pervasive now. Designers aren’t necessarily users, are they?

When you are buying your air compressor, you might want to pick one where you can see what’s what vis-a-vis the components, so that when, and not if, you have to fix/change one, you can actually get at it.

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